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If you’re taking a fat-blocking medication for weight loss, you’ve probably experienced “treatment effects” – flatulence, oily anal discharge, bowel urgency, and liquid stools that are difficult to control.

While treatment effects can be an incentive to adhere to healthier eating habits, many people find they are too harsh a penalty for minor dietary indiscretions. An extra donut or a bag of chips can equal hours in the bathroom, plus the risk of sudden involuntary defecation.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your freedom in order to lose weight. You shouldn’t have to worry about where the nearest lavatory is, or whether the dark spots will show through your pants if you lose control and soil yourself. You shouldn’t have to stifle a laugh or a sneeze for fear of anal incontinence.

You deserve a better backup plan than the extra change of clothes in your car. Now there’s a simple and effective solution that can allow you to use weight-loss fat blockers while giving you a sense of security and confidence, knowing that you’ll be in control.

The buddi system helps mitigate treatment effects in two ways. The buddi is a smooth, comfortable silicone plug that fits into your anal opening and augments your sphincter control while blocking gas and fecal matter from escaping. It comes with a specially formulated lubricant that forms a seal inside your rectum, creating a barrier against oily anal seepage. The buddi helps protect your clothing - and your dignity - from embarrassing accidents.

When you are ready to void, simply remove the plug. It is recommended that you be seated on a toilet during removal. Once you’ve finished evacuating, rinse and reinsert the plug. The buddi is made of hygienic non-porous silicone that can easily be cleaned and sterilized and does not retain bacteria or odors.

Since everyone’s anus is unique, the buddi is available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Choose the buddi that fits you best and you’ll forget that you have it in. While wearing the buddi, you can freely go about your daily life and even resume vigorous activities - like swimming, jogging, weightlifting, or doing yoga – that might have previously been too risky.

Get the sense of security that comes with knowing you’ve got your buddi with you. Find out about how the buddi can work in conjunction with your weight loss plan. If treatment effects have been a deterrent that’s kept you from using fat blockers, the buddi may be the missing piece that helps you take advantage of these medications – on your terms.

However, just as fat blockers are not for everyone, the buddi is not for everyone, and it is not meant to cancel out all of the dietary restrictions that are a necessary part of a weight loss plan. You will still have to eat responsibly and monitor the amount of fat you consume. But the buddi gives you an extra measure of confidence. It relieves you of the pressure of calculating your exact fat intake and provides a safeguard against slip ups. You can relax knowing that you’ve got the buddi behind you.

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Will buddi show through my clothes?

We don't recommend wearing buddi with very tight pants or swimwear. The outline of the flared base may be visible. However, the device should be easy to conceal with other types of apparel.

Can I wear it while sleeping?

Clinical trials show the device to be safe and effective when used up to 23 hours per day. We recommend removing it when you wake up in the morning and replacing it after breakfast, as this is the time of day you're least likely to experience anal leakage.

Will buddi impact male sexual performance?

Some users have reported increased ejaculatory volume while using the buddi. No negative side effects were reported. Since vigorous sexual activity often leads to anal incontinence, we recommend leaving the buddi in during sex.

Is it safe during gluteal-impact sports such as mountain bike riding or trampoline?

Buddi should never be used during a high-impact sports such as bike riding or trampoline. Such activities present  a significant danger of anal injury.

What if I have hemorrhoids?

If you have hemorrhoids, anal fissures, prostatitis, or any other medical condition that affects the ano-rectal area, consult your physician before using the buddi.